Providing Smiles For Kids With Cancer!

“I was amazed and delighted to see Violet really having such a great time at the carnival. She spent hours in the pirate bouncer and slide. I could not believe that was my girl climbing so high and going down that slide over and over again. That was something I wouldn't have been comfortable having her do at any public venue. She was thoroughly and happily exhausted at the end of the day, which was so satisfying to see.”

~ Sharon, Violet's mom

“We are so grateful for Spencer Reid Foundation in setting up so many wonderful activities and providing a safe environment for our children to just have fun. Seeing these huge smiles on their faces makes everything better.”

~ Teresa, Zachary's mom

“Our son had an amazing time at the Spencer's Circle sessions at Gymboree in Woodbury! SRF provides so many wonderful opportunities for children with cancer. It allows them to just be kids in a safe and clean environment.”

~ Lisa, Patricks mom

“As a parent, it was such a joy to watch Penelope have fun and participate in regular kid classes. The exercise is so important for her as she still is working through physical therapy concerns due to muscle weakness from treatment. I watched her build confidence and strength she balanced, climbed, and jumped. Watching her brother play with all the kids was so amazing and so important. He was able to have fun too, instead of just watching. Thank you for all that you do!”

~ Lori, Penelope's mom

“My boys remember your carnival as the best day they ever had in their lives! We all enjoyed it because nowhere can you go without having to pay something and your festivals are free and exclusively for children with cancer. So parents can enjoy a stress free day out too!”

~ Mary, Peter's mom


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